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Winemaking Story


Our goal - to create the foremost sparkling wines in Georgia.

As we focused on making extraordinary sparkling wine, we managed to create some fascinating wines along with some wild chacha!

In our case, it all started with just a dream. A dream about how to create a wonderful sparkling wine in Georgia, such that by taking just  a sip and you feel the wind of freedom and the cool air descending from the mountains. Bright sun and piercing cold water.

We do not follow fashion or market trends, we take all steps to make our product as close as possible to our dream.

MTSVANE ESTATEis our new beginning, a start of our wonderful dream.

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OUR Products

Drink it now or Store it

Current leading areas for pet nat include the Loire Valley in France. Georgians have been making wine, for over 8000 years. However pet nats have been produced here for just 3-4 years, by only a handful of producers. Most of these winemakers have aged their product in the traditional Georgian qvevri.

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"We confess small faults, in order to insinuate that we have no great ones." 

- La Rochefoucauld -

Turbidity and sediment 

Georgian Sparkling Pet Nat

Yeast, having processed all or almost all of the available sugar in wine, dies and turns into a sediment, which is responsible for the cloudy substance of wine. Masters from France's Loire valley, who are much more advanced in this technology, prefer to remove the wine from the lees, as is done in Champagne, while young naturalists are not at all afraid of it, and sell the wine just like that. 


Many consumers get an aesthetic pleasure from cloudy wine, seeing rich shades of yellow and pink, but there is also a danger, because due to sediment retention, the wine foams more when the bottle is opened. However, if you hold the bottle upside down in a bucket of ice for a couple of hours, the sediment will concentrate at the cork. Then, by carefully opening the bottle, you can easily get rid of it. 


Degorgage (disgorge) at home Source: 

We store our Petnat, MTSVANE Estate, on the lees until we sell them. We remove them from the lees in small batches in order to preserve freshness and sparkle, for those who are fond of this style, and to preserve the varietal characteristics of taste and aromas. We kept the high pressure (as for petnata) 4.3 Pa and did not filter the drink, which gives it additional strength, and unique character. The circulation of the 2020 harvest is only 1200 bottles and we have numbered each bottle by hand.

We are proud that in 2022 our production volume has grown to 20,000 bottles.  We import our wines to the same countries as: USA, Germany and Ukraine.




We were recognised as The Best Small winery by “Welcome To Georgia Tourism Awards” 2021


We received the Sommelier's Choice Award for our Pét-Nat Mtsvane at Wine Expo Georgia 2022


Our 2 wines are included in the TOP 5 best wines of Georgia according to the Georgian Wine Guild 2022


Mtsvane Estate Tsolikauri-Tsitska 2021 received silver in 2023 from IWSC


Mtsvane Estate Chinuri-Goruli Mtsvane 2022 London Newspaper Awords 2023 Gold Medal

Mtsvane Grape

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