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Pet Nat Mtsvane&Rkatsiteli 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Grape Varieties: Mtsvane & Rkatsiteli

Origin: Didi Chailuri, Manavi, Kakheti, Georgia.

Altitude: 650 m


Alluvial calcareous of great thickness, average skeletal loamy, sandy soil

Harvest: Hand-picked. Harvest date: 8th September 2020.

Alcohol 11.7%

Total Acidity 6.4

Residual Sugar 1.92 g/l

Pressure 4.3

This well structured sparkling wine has a light straw color with a persistent foam. The aroma is bright and fresh, showing hints of flowers, biscuits, pears and grapefruits. The taste is fresh and fruity with balanced acidity with a long dry aftertaste.

Perfect as an aperitif or with light snacks.

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