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Winemaking process - Pet Nat Mtsvane Estate 2020

We made our Pet Nat from 2 grape varieties: Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane. The harvest took place before the official start of Rtveli in Kakheti. We did this to keep the grapes in the ideal proportion of acids and sugars.

The grapes were collected in small boxes of 7-10 kg, manually and sorted twice (in the vineyard and in the winery). After that, we cooled the grapes to a temperature of 15'C.

The pressing took place in whole bunches. We pressed and fermented each variety separately. Mtsvane was fermented in a stainless steel tank, and Rkatsiteli in Qvevri. Until fermentation stopped completely, we mixed both wines during fermentation and bottled it (no added sugar or yeast). Residual fermentation took place in bottles. Further, each bottle underwent remuage and degradation procedures.


Before sale, our bottles are stored on the lees and we remove them from the lees just before the sale in order to preserve the freshness of the wine as much as possible. Our brut nature sparkling wine - we did not add sugar or expedition liqueur at any stage and after the completion of fermentation we obtained an excellent level of carbon dioxide pressure.

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